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In a "nut-shell", FreX is a sophisticated software program that provides a database of disorders, along with frequency treatment programs. FreX provides one of the worlds best audio computer function generators and will transmit frequency programs out the computer's audio system for further amplification and therapy.

FreX main form, database access and editing with sophisticated Program Management features.

  • The Program Manager allows for sorting of the frequency program, individual editing of frequencies and ON times (dwell), adding, editing or deleting indivudal frequencies, automatic removal of duplicate frequencies, and capping the frequencies so they are changed to work under a specific frequency ceiling.

  • Comprehensive information i
  • Search functions allow us to search the database by Discription, Comments or Frequency, and closeness to a frequency.
  • s available in the FreX menu Help>Help and Tips where all features of FreX are covered.
  • Multiple frequency programs can be sent to a temporary "buffer" where they can be easily combined to make one program.


When we have finished crafting and saved our program, or just running an exisiting program from the FreX database, then we are ready to run it.

  • The FreX RUN MODE form offers further enhancements and program options, many of which can be performed in Real Time while the program is running. No other software or function generator offers these dynamic features.

  • When coupled with the PFA series amplifiers, then we can view the sprectrum and the oscilloscope display of the signal going through the body. Again, this is unique to FreX and the PFA series ampliers. No more guess work wondering if your device is working, and sitting for months with dead electrodes on the body.

  • We can click anywhere in the frequency table as it counts down, to jump to any frequency we want to.

  • We can also explore frequencies close to the ouput frequency, this is handy when a hit is experienced and we want to receive extra benefits of being able to explore a hit frequency. Again, totally a unique feature in FreX that no other device can offer.


Comprehensive Logging of all dates and times of programs run are easily viewable.


A frequency conversion tool is available that allows us to convert any frequency into the audio spectrum and displays both binary and scalar conversions.


FreX Sweep function allows us to output a series of frequencies commonly called "sweeps" where we start from a low frequency and step throup a range of frequencies to the top frequency. Again we have the unique ability to view these sweep harmonic effects in "real time" as the signal passes through the body, when used with the PFA series amplifiers.
with Registration
Version 16 and 17
Reduced from $67 to $62 AUD ($5 Discount)


FreX and CHIamp Discount Registration $62 AUD
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will be e-mailed within 48 hours. Registration is for Life%21
No yearly or futures fees.


         High Quality, Rugged, and Most Popular

         Audio Amplifier

 and Signal Normaliser for FreX

         Prices and Orders
The Retail price of the PFA-7 is $367 AUD
But purchasing it at you get a $20 discount  for  $347 AUD
just by clicking below 

                                                                                                    Professional, long history, high                                                                                                       quality biological amplifier rich in                                                                                                    features that provides opportunities to                                                                                                 research multiple frequency therapy                                                                                                    regimes.

                                                                                                 Will produce AC or Positive Off-Set                                                                                                        DC signals with all the audio                                                                                                        frequency wave forms FreX produces.                                                                                                  Also produces its own, extremely                                                                                                       high quality and very fast square                                                                                                                       waves.                                    


  • Rugged construction AWS hinged enclosure. Takes the knocks and spills providing excellent protection to the amplifier circuit.
  • Power dial provides adjustable output power between 0 volts to maximum voltage (configured to 18 volts)
  • Microphone control dial allows feed-back signal to computer to be set between 0 volts to 0.5 volts.
  • Red and Black color banana terminal jacks for connecting leads to contact stainless steel tubes.
  • Audio/Square wave switch selects between FreX's audio wave forms or the PFA's internal high quality square waves.
  • AC/DC switch allows us to output frequencies in the AC polarity or the DC positive off-set polarity.
  • Bio-Impedance circuit keeps frequency waves true and correctly formed when under body load.
  • Safety lock hinged AWS enclosure provides easy access to the internal PFA-7 compartment for battery replacement.
  • RF shielding plate keeps the FreX signals clean if the PFA-7 is used in a noisy electro-magnetic environment such as wireless networks and mobile phones.
  • Comes with battery holders to accept 12 by AA (1.5 volt) batteries which produces an excellent 18 volt signal at 0.5 watts. Batteries will last a few hundred hours of heavy use.
  • Leads and stainless steel electrodes are included. Batteries are not included.

  • PFA-7 Instructions

             Prices and Orders
    The Retail price of the PFA-7 is $367 AUD
    But purchasing it at you get a $20 discount  for $347 AUD
    just by clicking below 

    Due to delays experiences with Registered Air Mail, the FreX-PFA-7 will be delivered to you by ECI (Express Courier International) which has online tracking available and guarantees the parcel gets to you, quickly.

    Allow 1 to 2 weeks prior to the FreX-PFA-7 being despatched. I try and keep items on the shelf, but not often possible.

    12 Months warranty. If at any time your FreX-PFA-7 stops working, then you pay for delivery, we will repair or replace it for free and ship it back to you.

    Allow 48 hours after submitting your order to hear from me. I'll issue you an Order Number. If you haven't heard from me in 48 hours, chances are my reply got caught up in a junk mail filter, so send me a message to let me know. e-mail US

    If you require multiple amplifiers, or you are unsure of what you need, send me an e-mail and we can chat. e-mail US

    Batteries are no longer included. Australia Post recommends not to send batteries by international air cargo - atmospheric pressures and scanning devices can cause them to leak and become flat. I will advise what batteries to purchase locally when you place an order.

    Refund Policy : There is no refund policy in place. FreX and my amplifiers are made available for research and experimental purposes as an introduction to RIFE Frequency Therapy and as such are very budget priced. Providing a Refund Policy would see substantial price increases.


    NOTE: The PFA amplifiers are available to Australians for Homoeopathic and veterinary applications. Outside Australia, the PFA amplifiers can be used for any purpose.

          FreX-PFA-7 Pricing and Orders
          FreX-PFA-7 (includes stainless steel tubes and leads)
      FreX-PFA-7 - $367 AUD
      Includes Leads and Stainless Steel Electrodes. ECI (Express Courier International with Tracking) $80 - (batteries NOT included)
      Total = $447 AUD

    Instructions For The
     PFA-7 Amplifier

                  My PFA-7 Amplifier :                                 What Do I Do?

    These instructions assume you have install the FreX software into your computer. Are able to navigate FreX's database, select a frequency program, send it to the program manager, and then run the program in the FreX Run Mode form. You have also validated that audio tones can be heard coming from speakers attached to your computer.

    If you are not versatile in the above. Then learn how to do the above otherwise, running the PFA-7 may not offer value. There is a tutorial in the FreX Help and Tips Manual, which can be accessed from the FreX Help menu.

     FreX Help

    A brief and simply tutorial can be found in the Program Manager section of the FreX Help and Tips section.

     FreX Help Program Manager Tutorial

    When your PFA-7 arrives, carefully unpack it. You will have three separate items.

      1. The PFA-7 amplifier.
      2. Two stainless steel tube electrodes.
      2. One set of instrument leads for electrodes.
    To ready the PFA-7 for use we need to install 12 AA Batteries into the battery holders. Make sure the ON/OFF switch is set to the OF
    After you have inserted the 12 batteries, check there are no loose battery wires at the 3 point terminal connection. Just an eye check is good enough here, we don't need to gentle tug on the wire, although you can do this if you feel a wire looks loose.

    If a wire is loose, unscrew theF position.

    Open the PFA-7 case by pressing in the locking lugs on the side of the enclosure fastenings and pulling the fastening up.

    Mission critical to install the batteries to the correct polarity, otherwise the PFA-7 will not work. A battery diagram is imprinted into the battery holder cases.

    FreX PFA-7 Battery compartment displaying battery polarity instructions.

     After you have inserted the 12 batteries, check there are no loose battery wires at the 3 point terminal connection. Just an eye check is good enough here, we don't need to gentle tug on the wire, although you can do this if you feel a wire looks loose.

    If a wire is loose the terminal screw, re-insert the wire, and gently tighten it up. Retest the battery wire to make sure it is secure.

    After the batteries are installed, secure the battery holders back to the PFA-7 base using the velcro tabs and sponge spacer.

    If leads are connected, make sure lead clips or attached electrodes AREN'T TOUCHING. Now turn the OFF/ON switch to ON. The Red LED MUST come ON and be illuminated.

    If the LED doesn't come on, recheck you have installed the batteries the correct way and that the wires from the battery holder are attached to the three point terminal connector on the PFA-7 circuit board. If you are not having success here e-mail US.

    Instructions For Connecting the PFA-7 to Your Computer

      There are two grey audio leads that have male 3.5mm stereo connectors attached. The one that is important to us has a cable tie attached near the 3.5mm connector. The Sound connector.

      This connector is plugged into the speaker out or headphone out connector on your computer. Where we plug headphones or speakers to our computer. Make sure this connector is inserted all the way into the socket.

      The other 3.5mm male connector is the "signal feed-back" microphone lead and is not required for operation. However, you may find it novel to be able to plug this into the microphone port, allowing you to monitor the signal as it goes through the body in the FreX oscilloscope and spectrum display.

    Now Let's Connect The Leads and Metal Tubes To The PFA-5 Amplifier
      There are two grey leads included which plug into the red and black banana connections on the PFA-7. These have alligator "clamp" type connectors (red and black) soldered to each lead end and is connected to the stainless steel tubes.

      Connect metal tubes to the red and black alligator clips. Just connect at the end of the pipe. The ends of the pipe have been left open to make this very easy for us.

      This type of connection has be used to cope with accidents. If someone is to trip over the leads or place too much pressure on the leads and tubes, then the connection will simply come apart, avoiding damage to other connectors and the amplifier.

    Now Let's Set The PFA-7 Switches

      We have two switches here to set.
      • We set the SQUARE/AUDIO switch to SQUARE
      • We select the AC/DC switch to DC

      When you switch the ON/OFF switch, you will see which way the switch goes to select the function. The switch is set to the label.

    Next Turn The Power Knob Up To Full
      Turn the power knob fully clock wise to high power

      Great%21 We are now ready to go.

    Let's Test It All Out
      Run FreX and output a frequency under 1,000 Hz

      Make sure the metal tubes are not touching

      Turn the PFA-7 amplifier ON

      Use the tips of your finger and place one finger on the black tube and the other finger on the red electrode. You should not feel any sensation, if you do you are very sensitive and will require to reduce the power level to a setting where you just can faintly feel the power. Now hold the electrodes in both hands. The red electrode in the right hand and the black electrode in the left hand. Set a frequency around 500 Hz. Most people wont feel anything, or some may feel a slight tingle, while others it will be way too much power. Adjust the power dial lower until you are at the edge of where you can feel a sensation. Being a massage therapist, I have sensitive hands and feel the power well, but can tolerate full power on most frequencies.

      We can also adjust the power level by the pressure we hold the stainless steel tubes. Firmly gripping the electrodes will put more power into the body and lightly holding them will reduce the power. We can also wrap tissues that have been soaked in saline solution around the two electrodes. This will increase power to the body several fold. Be careful if you do this as I don't want anyone to hurt themselves.

      You are now ready to run a FreX program.

      If you feel the power you will notice after a while of experimenting that it can change from frequency to frequency. The higher the frequency, the less the nerves in our hands and arms response or sense the power. At frequencies above 2,000 Hz, you will probably be able to have the power at full and not feel much at all. This is normal operation and the signal is still going very well to the body.

      At full power the PFA-7 is outputting 18 volts peak-to-peak Positive Off-Set DC signal. At 14+ volts DC signals can burn the fat cells off the nerver endings in our fingers and leave a numbness feeling in our finger tips. These fat cells will slowly repair over a few years. So if you want to increase the battery power to increase the output, then you have been warned of possible damage you can do to your fingers.

      One way to avoid this is to use metal plates or foot basins on the floor and attach the clips to them, placing bare feet on the plates will allow more power to be placed into the body without doing nerve damage. The PFA-4 amplifier is plenty powerful and you can daisy chain many electrodes together so numerous people can be treated at the same time. We will go through batteries a little quicker, but we should get 100 hours + use from them if used for multiple electrodes (more than 2).


    Do NOT use PFA-7 Amplifier under the follow situations

    On anyone who wears a Pacemaker and or Defibrillator.
    5Hz or lower must not be used while driving a car. Could fall asleep.
    On anyone who has Phlebitis 
    On anyone who has Thrombosis, especially 10Hz (dissolves blood clots)
    On anyone who has not had several weeks of good healing after surgery. 
    On anyone who has suffered a stroke. 
    On anyone who is pregnant. 
    On anyone who suffers from Epilepsy and convulsions.
    On anyone who has a Psychotic disorder. 
    On anyone with heart problems, especially 1 Hz
    Do not use electrodes in hands with programs longer than 2 hours. If wanting to run a long session, use foot basins or foot plates. This is to avoid possible burns from long exposures.

    Changing Batteries

    The AA batteries should provide many hundreds of hours operation. But should be changed when the Power On LED becomes dim and/or the signal degenerates in the FreX oscilloscope when under load. Rechargeable batteries are okay to use but will deliver less power.

    Switch the PFA-7 OFF

    The PFA-7 is pretty straight forward. Just unclip the enclosure fasteners then unzip the velcro tabs, careful remove the old batteries and install new ones. Always be mindful about the wire connections from the batteries to the three terminal connectors on the PFA-7 circuit board and the correct polarity of batteries to the battery diagrams.


    When installing new batteries, it is important they are of the same type and same charge, otherwise the signal will be effected.

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